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3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Dirty ducts can make it more difficult to breathe the air that flows through your home. After all, clean air has a much harder time flowing through clogs and dirty ducts. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having duct cleaning.

1. Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

As with anywhere else in your home, dust, pollen and other particles can settle and collect in a duct. Over time, these particles can cover a duct in a thick layer of debris that may be picked up and carried to other parts of the home. If you have allergies or trouble breathing, exposure to pollen and dust can exacerbate those problems.

The same could be true if your spouse, children or pets have allergies or breathing issues that are made worse by pollen or other pollutants. The folks at All Hours Air provide duct cleaning and will take other steps to improve the air quality in your home.

2. Don’t Waste Energy

You could be losing up to 25% of the energy created by your home’s heating and cooling system because of dirty ducts. Therefore, cleaning your ducts can make your home more efficient and reduce your heating and cooling bills by hundreds of dollars each year.

3. Your Home Can Be a More Comfortable Place to Live

When air is allowed to flow consistently throughout the house, it is more likely that the home will stay at a uniform temperature. This means that it won’t be significantly warmer or cooler in the master bedroom compared to the living room or kitchen. Therefore, you won’t feel the need to put on a sweatshirt just to go to bed or start sweating just because you spent a few minutes in the living room.

If you want your home to be cooler and more comfortable, give All Hours Air in Sparks, NV, a call today. We offer heating and air conditioner installation and maintenance service as well as pipe cleaning and repair services.

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