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Cooling & Air Conditioning FAQ’s

Water on The Ground from My Air Conditioner

We have a central air conditioning unit in our home with the outside unit on the side of the house. The problem we have is that there is always a lot of water exiting the pipe that is attached to the unit itself. In the area where the water is leaking, all the grass has died. Any idea how I can solve this issue?


The water you see coming from the pipe is condensation from the air circulating in your home. I am not real sure as to why it would be killing the grass, however. Do you have an available place you can extend the drain so that it won’t drip directly onto your grass? Maybe you could try extending the hose? Just be sure to keep it sloped so that it won’t back up. Another trick to try would be to buy a small drainage pipe and bury that under the topsoil. (approx. 8”). Taking a guess here, I would think you could get away with 4-6’ of the drain pipe.

Air Conditioner Drainage

I am in the process of installing an older model Admiral AC unit. The question I have is about the condensation drainage. This unit has a heavy steel type tray and even though I have searched everywhere, I am unable to find the drain hole. When I first got the unit, I noticed there was around 1” of wet guck in the tray. Could it possibly be that there is no hole and the condensation drips and evaporates in the tray?


Yes, you are correct. This type method is also more efficient as the water splashes on the condenser coils, which aids in keeping the coils cool. There was one unit we worked on last year that stated: “If the unit appears to noisy, drill a hole in the bottom for the water build-up to drain.”

My Air Conditioner is Leaking Condensation

I just noticed that our A/C unit is leaking condensation into our home. I am afraid that the catch pan may be rusted now. Is there a way to repair the pan or do I have to replace it?


You are speaking of a central unit, right? Have you successfully removed the pan to look at it? There could also be a plugged line that is causing back up as well.

Cost of Central Air Conditioner Units

We are thinking about replacing the old A/C and are wondering what the average size unit we would need for a 1700 Sq. Ft. Home?


There is so much information needed to accurately answer your questions as we take a lot into consideration. How well is your home insulated? Does it get a lot of sun? Where are you located? A good rule of thumb, you can figure for every 500 Sq. Ft you need 1 ton. Guessing would be that you need a 3-4 tons unit for your home. It would be wise for you to check with a local company for a better idea.

Installing Air Conditioning in an Old Home

I am currently buying an old home (1910) that has no A/C at all. There is a basement, two floors, and an attic. It also has a kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, four bedrooms and a Bathroom upstairs. What should I expect to pay to have a unit installed?

The price will depend on the tonnage you will need, what type of energy efficient ratio or efficiency you are hoping for and what the working condition is currently. A general rule of thumb is the cost per ton is approximate $2,000.00-$2,400.00. This number depends on the electrical, permits, access, etc.

Insulating Ductwork

I am in currently getting a Central Air Conditioner installed in our house. How necessary is insulation for the intake and outtake duct? They will be in the attic, so is this still necessary. If so, how should I know what model is best?

It is best If both ducts are insulated.The attic, of course, will be a good bit warmer for both. The flexible duct which Is used mostly today is insulated. As far as a brand, not sure how to help you with that question. If you don’t already own one, try installing an attic fan.  You will find it significantly reduces the temperature in the attic when it is the hot time of the year.

Using Air Ducts with No Filter

I recently purchased a home that is six years old and discovered that the previous owners never placed filters in the return air ducts. I immediately bought and installed them. Should I hire someone to clean the ductwork professionally? The previous owners were quite filthy and had five pets inside the home while never cleaning it properly. Is there any way this neglect could have damaged the air conditioning or furnace? If we do need to have it cleaned, what steps should we consider before hiring someone who will know what we need and what they are doing?

Contact a local HVAC contractor. Ask around for references from friends, family, and neighbors. The company you have had service your unit would more than likely perform a good cleaning or they can at least recommend a company to you. Most companies charge per room, so for a house your size, I guess would run around $1,000.00.
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