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Financing Options From All Hours Air

Financing for Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs and Installation of New Equipment

All Hours Air Offers Financing Options to Help With The Unexpected Cost

There are other options for funding for homeowners needing to service their current heating or cooling system or needing to update their old equipment. Some of these options are listed below:

  • Bank Loan: Your financial institution may offer home improvement loans for amounts not significant enough to require a second mortgage. These type loans are typically unsecured (not requiring collateral) but tend to have costly interest rates. Talk with your lending officer for more details on Nevada’s Home Energy Loan Program to see if you qualify.
reno nevada home we did HVAC on
  • Home Equity Loan: If you have other home improvements you want to invest in, now is the best time to borrow the money to do it all at one time. By doing a home equity loan, you can borrow against the equity in your home which typically offers lower interest rates than a standard bank loan. Also, home equity loans are tax deductible and a lower risk for a lender, making approval much easier. The largest drawback to a home equity loan is the lengthy process before funding exchanges hands. Ask your contractor if you can have a check sent to him/her from the closing to speed up installation.


  • City Government Lending Programs: Check with your City Government for programs that offer low-interest lending to homeowners for improvement projects. Many programs offer special rates and terms for low-income families for home improvement investments. The interest is usually a fixed rate of 3%, and high- income families can still qualify.

We are happy to help you with receiving financing even if it isn’t with us. We want what the best financial choice for you and your family is. We want you to know you have options. With recent government energy efficiency programs, we want you to get the best service with All Hours Air and get the best financing that has your best interest at heart.

Whether you use our Talk to us about financing options*, use a credit card, or choose to take out a loan from a financial organization; our quality service and affordable pricing remain the same. Also, most large manufacturers such as Trane, Lennox, and Bryant offer financing through their application process. Be sure to check out your favorite manufacturer’s website for more information.

Call us today and let our qualified staff help you with your HVAC needs and options for your funds. We are more than just a contractor– we are your friend, and we will go above and beyond getting you everything you need to improve the quality of your heating air cold air in your home.


Talk to us about financing options; *OAC

Take advantage of your options to get the benefits of the best products, services, and warranties possible on terms that are flexible to meet your financial needs.

When summer rolls around, families are planning and going on vacations that usually soak up all the savings they’ve put aside all year. Summer is also the most popular time for weddings that tend to cost way into the thousands. All in all, summertime leaves very little room for any financial surprises to appear.

Fall and Winter are no different. Recent graduating seniors are leaving the nest starting their new college life which is by far an expense easy to handle for most parents. Then comes Christmas; boy does this holiday soak up the cash and make the plastic on credit cards melt after so much use.    

Needless to say, there is no “right” or “better” time for your air conditioner or furnace to break down in need of expensive repairs or even worse, total replacement. Problems with equipment for heating and cooling is something hard to predict unless you’ve noticed signs pointing in that direction.

Whether you expected things to go wrong, or it happened without warning, the expense usually comes at the worst times. With All Hours Air, we understand the financial bind unexpected expenses can cause a family, and we want you to know, we can help.

We offer our customers financing options of OAC 0% for 18 months or 5.99% for 37 months with approved credit. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you with an application and work with you to get you approved.

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