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Top 3 Benefits of Water Softeners

The type of water that is present in your home or office often has an influence on how well the dishes get cleaned or how soft your hands are when they’re washed each time. Most tap water is hard, which can leave behind residue on different surfaces and even cause calcium to be left behind. Fortunately, water softeners are available and can be installed by a professional.

Here are a few top benefits of installing a water softener on your property:

1. Increase in Sodium Intake

Many people are surprised to learn that water softeners offer many health benefits. This includes providing an increase in sodium intake when it’s consumed because salt is used to remove many different minerals in hard water. It is also a healthier alternative to hard water because it doesn’t contain traces of plastic or lead, which are commonly found in lakes and end up in tap water.

2. Softer Skin and Hair

Your hair and skin will immediately feel softer after you bathe or wash your hands. Soft water makes it possible to use less conditioner in your hair and less lotion on your skin and can offer more comfort when drying off each time. The calcium and magnesium present in hard water are what cause the skin and hair to feel dry, but the minerals aren’t present in soft water.

3. Preserve the Plumbing System

Water softeners are beneficial because they preserve the plumbing system and prevent minerals from building up in the pipes, which can cause them to become clogged over time. You can enjoy improved water flow and help boost the lifespan of your pipes in your plumbing system by installing a water softener.

Professional Water Softener Services

If you live in the Reno-Sparks area, contact All Hours Air today to learn more about the benefits of a water softener and how it can improve the quality of your home or office. Our technicians can even install the product on your property. We can also help you with heating, cooling, air quality, and plumbing projects.

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