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Air Conditioning Tune-ups and Why They Are Important

Just like your vehicle, your air conditioning system is one big moving part that needs regular servicing to keep it running safely, reliably and efficiently.

The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck without cool air on the hottest day of the summer, which is also the busiest time for service technicians. It’s a must for a homeowner the importance of Air Conditioning Tune-Ups.

Our Sparks Air Repair and Service team wants to make sure you aren’t one of the thousands that wake up to discover your air conditioner has stopped working. If you find yourself stuck in your home in the middle of summer when your air conditioning system breaks down, you could remain there for several days due to the time of year and how busy Reno HVAC companies are during scorching weather.

The good news is, you can prevent a situation such as this from happening. A straightforward tune-up can prevent small problems from turning into large projects that can cause lasting damage to your air conditioner.      

An emergency service call can be quite expensive, therefore, be sure to mark on your calendar when it’s time to replace filters and have your unit tuned-up. All Hours Air offers fast, friendly, professional, service calls to the Sparks and Reno area. Keeping you safe and cool in a comfortable atmosphere is what we do best.

If you didn’t already know this, having regular tune-ups on your air conditioning system is vital. Those who don’t know it are usually the one’s whose systems break down unexpectedly leaving them without cool air at the hottest times of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often does my filter need to be changed?

Our professionals recommend you change your air filter on your central unit at least every six months. By doing so, you will save on your energy cost as well as extend the life cycle of your unit. For even better quality, change your air filter every three months. Keep in mind, all the air inside your home continues to recirculate through your filter in your indoor unit.   

The design of an air filter is intended to keep your air clean for breathing by removing dust particles which will clog your filter, causing it to run less efficiently and costing more to operate. If you fail to change the filter promptly, your unit could fail to work.    

How Often Should I Have My Central Air Conditioning Unit Serviced? 

We suggest you schedule a tune-up at least twice yearly. Typically, tune-ups should be at the beginning of the air conditioning and heating season to verify that your unit is working properly before it gets too hot or cold. However, you can schedule a tune-up at any time.  

Are Seasonal Air Conditioning Tune-Up Plans Worth The Cost?

Each spring before you begin using your air conditioner; you should get a tune-up to guarantee your system is ready for the hot season ahead.  By investing a small amount twice a year, you are saving yourself a lot of energy cost by operating your system at its peak efficiency.

By making this investment, you are also avoiding potential costly repairs by identifying and doing repairs before they lead to large ones. Many homeowners fail to realize that without the recommended twice a year tune-ups, their warranty could be valid. 

Will My Warranty Cover A Tune-Up?

No. Extended warranties do not cover the expense of a regular air conditioning maintenance. Tune-ups are a part of regular maintenance and as mentioned above, required by manufacturers to keep the warranty in effect.  

What Takes Place With a Tune-Up

When you schedule a tune-up on your air conditioning system with All Hours Air.

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A qualified technician will provide the following:

  • Tighten and Clean all loose screws and brackets
  • Evaluate coolant levels to provide you with strong operating performance during peak seasons
  • Lubricate all moving parts to eliminate wear and tear that can be the culprit of high energy cost
  • Increase efficiency by performing a detailed cleaning of the condenser coils. By doing so, this also reduces wear and tear of your unit.  
  • A complete thermostat calibration to ensure proper operation  
  • A comprehensive inspection of ducts to prevent energy loss. Regular air duct cleaning is suggested.
  • Inspection and tightening of electric connections to ensure safe operation
  • Evaluate the performance  and condition of the blower motor and belt
  • Evaluate filters to determine if it needs cleaning and replaced

For your air conditioner unit to operate correctly, it is essential that you request a yearly tune-up before the hot season begins. We provide a 100% money back guarantee that you receive a money saving, worry-free performance from your air conditioner when you need it the most.

We commit to enhancing the operation of your air conditioner through our professional AC tune-up service bringing your energy cost down– all at an affordable price. Call All Hours Air at 775-376-9908 now to schedule your regular maintenance request today.

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