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Thermostat Replacement Reno-Just How Smart Is Yours?

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While cooling and heating systems vary from region to region, most Reno area homes rely on central heating and air to keep their living area comfortable.

The thermostat you have in your home is the brains of whatever system you have in place.  Should you consider a thermostat replacement or upgrade?

Most people don’t consider just how important the job of a thermostat has in determining what temperature and when the air should turn off and on. The truth is, a thermostat can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is important for the thermostat in your home to be safe, efficient, and properly programmed to direct your system in the most efficient way possible.

As Reno heating and Air Conditioning Repair experts understand how important the comfort of your living environment is to you. We are continuously updating our training to stay on top of the ever-changing technology incorporated into home equipment used with air and heating systems.

Thermostats that operated heating and cooling systems in the past are far from the types used in homes today. There are still standard “plain” thermostats, and then there are types that are so advanced in technology that you can operate your air conditioner by using an app while being hundreds of miles away from your home.

So, with all this new technology, how does a homeowner decide which type thermostat they need to live in a comfortable environment without breaking the bank? Our certified, professional staff is happy to help you analyze your situation for you to decide which style and model make the most sense before you make a purchase.   

Can I keep using my “oldie but a goodie” Thermostat?

Ex. of old Thermostat

sample of the old thermostat

Our technicians at work with several different types of thermostats. Each type has its benefits. If you have the older type that is a dial or slide thermostat, then your All Hours Air technician will likely recommend an upgrade to a digital style.  

For those homeowners that prefer to stay away from the fancy bells and whistles of the newer “smart” models, All Hours Air recommends you pick a basic digital model. These basic models are typically easier to use. Their digital display makes reading the screen simpler, and the push button controls are easy to operate.

Such simplicity allows you to cool and heat your home more efficiently and with better results. Your All Hours Air technician will walk you through a step-by-step guide ensuring you are comfortable with operating your thermostat before a service call is complete.

What Are The Benefits To Upgrading My Thermostat?

Ex. of new Thermostat

sample image of the upgrade thermostat

  • Reduces Energy Cost: By replacing your old manual thermostat with a modern programmable type, you are taking advantage of one simple way of saving on your energy cost. However, you need to ensure you have it set to the right settings. All Hours Air guarantees you will understand how to operate your thermostat before the service call is complete.          
  • Simplicity: By replacing your old model with a modern version, you no longer have to guess what the temperature is inside your home. The modern thermostats have an easy-to-read digital display, LED lighting and touchscreen programming that make regulating temperatures easy to manage. There are even models that operate by wi-fi that can be adjusted while away from home.     
  • Automated response: Modern technology makes keeping your home warm or cools an easy task. You can conveniently set your temperature to remain the same throughout the day or to adjust at different periods– such as turning on the air conditioner twenty minutes before you arrive home. 
  • Other Important Data: Older model thermostats only provide the temperature and if the unit is on or off. An updated version can alert you to problems with the system or if the filter needs changing, and other important data. Eco-Friendly: Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will contribute to the environment in many ways. By reducing the use of energy and avoiding the use of toxic mercury, these models are helping keep the environment safe. All Hours Air commits to keeping the environment safe by installing modern equipment.   
  • Energy-Saving: With the added convenience of adjusting your thermostat up or down even if you are not home, this offers you an advantage in significant energy cost reductions.
  • Extended life Of Your HVAC System: When you take the leap to upgrade your thermostat, you are adding to the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. By reducing the wear and tear, especially during the peak seasons, you are ensuring you get the most use of your investment.   

Having an updated thermostat can add years to your investment in your heating and air conditioning. Just like with your main HVAC equipment, All Hours Air will monitor and service your thermostat when needed.

If you do have an older model thermostat or you are considering replacing your complete HVAC system, we suggest a thermostat upgrade as well. With a new thermostat and maintenance upkeep by All Hours Air, your system will operate more efficiently while saving money, added convenience, and early detection of possible larger problems.

Call All Hours Air Reno today at 775-384-3455 to schedule a service call for one of our trained, certified, professional technicians, to help you decide what thermostat is right for your home. We look forward to getting you updated and enjoying your more efficient comfortable home environment.     

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