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Clean Your Air Ducts to Remove Air Contaminants


Under laboratory conditions, the composition of our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases. Out here in the real world, you could be breathing in a lot more “other” than that, however. Indoor air hosts plenty of contaminants, and your ductwork is often a prime culprit. Even though it’s important to change HVAC filters and get annual HVAC tune-ups, there’s another component to your system that’s too often neglected: your air ducts. Air duct cleaning from All Hours Air doesn’t just keep your system “healthy,” it ensures that you stay healthier, too! 

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

If you’re unsure whether or not you need duct cleaning, there are a few warning signs that can let you know when it’s time.

  • You find that you’re dusting more often
  • You’re noticing an odd smell when your HVAC system kicks in
  • The vent grills have a buildup of dust, or you’re seeing black marks and streaks around them
  • You have respiratory problems indoors that seem to clear up as soon as you set foot outdoors

Common Airborne Contaminants

So what’s collecting out of sight in your air ducts, and making its way into the air you’re breathing in your home or workplace?

  • Dust is the most common contaminant by far, and is comprised of everything from dust mites to dead skin cells to fibers shed by clothing
  • Asbestos fibers from insulation, vibration dampers, and certain types of ductwork is a common contaminant in older homes
  • Fiberglass replaced asbestos as an insulator, and even though it’s much safer by comparison, it can still degrade indoor air quality as insulation or coated ductwork break down
  • Mold and mildew are common under a number of scenarios, from moisture infiltrating ducting and the surrounding insulation, to water incursions into in-ground ducting; it can lead to severe respiratory distress
  • Pollen that’s tracked in from outdoors is easily taken into your system and cycled through your ducts and indoor air
  • Bacteria can accumulate in ducts thanks to a wide variety of sources, including illness (air recirculation circulates pathogens too), rodent droppings, and even animals that have become trapped in, or have died in, your duct work

Air Duct Cleaning: The Method Matters

All Hours Air isn’t the only company offering air duct cleaning services in Reno, Nevada. However, we’re not all interchangeable. Who cleans your air ducts — and how they do it — matters. If you’ve read this far, you’ve got a good idea of how many contaminants can be left behind by an incomplete job. You should also know that a handyman, or a less-experienced HVAC professional, may not bring the right tools to the job, and might damage your HVAC system (effectively trading one problem for another, more expensive, one). 

We use high-pressure air jets and specialized extraction equipment to provide a deep clean for your ductwork. We clean from end-to-end so nothing is missed. We keep chemical use to a minimum, and when it’s necessary, we use only chemicals that are safe for people and animals.

Air Quality Services in Washoe County

Whether you’re a homeowner trying to keep your family healthy, or a business owner trying to take good care of your employees, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of indoor air quality. Proper duct cleaning goes a long way in this regard, but so do other services provided by All Hours Air, including indoor air quality monitoring, air filtration systems, and humidity control. For home and commercial HVAC service done right, get in touch today!

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