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8 Reasons to Tune Up Your Furnace for Winter

There are many reasons to get your furnace fine-tuned before winter arrives. Did you know that most problems that occur with a heater are due to the lack of care given to your equipment? House fires are often the results concerning this situation.

It may have functioned well last winter season without needing repairs. However, you should need to have your furnace checked before winter arrives just to be on the safe side.

You may not see the need of having your heater serviced if it ran well the prior year. But, consider a check-up as a preventative measure to prevent a future problem.

1. Safety First With a Furnace Inspection

An annual inspection will keep you and your family safe. The reason for a heater is to heat your home. You want your living environment to remain comfortable.

If it runs on fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, or propane, danger lurks. One small crack could allow leakage throughout your home

These leakages often contain gases that are harmful. Carbon monoxide is the leading health concern as well as deaths during the winter season. To be safe, let us check your unit before winter arrives, do it for health problems.

2. Keeps Your Warranty Valid

Most warranties are only valid if there is annual maintenance.

You don’t want your warranty coverage to expire due to the lack of maintenance. The warranty coverage can assist you in saving on greater expenses down the road.

    3. Preventative Maintenance will reduce issues

Throughout the winter months, your heating unit operates hard to keep your home warm at a comfortable level. As it runs endlessly, there are more likelihoods for a unit failure. You don’t want your system to stop operating in the coldest part of the season.

One of the principal causes of system failure is the accumulation of dirt and dust. By scheduling an annual tune-up, the chance of accumulation decreases. You can keep your heating system going in the most efficient manner possible.

4. Increases the Life of Your Heating Unit

When your heater functions efficiently, it will last longer. You need your system operating productively for many years. To replace your heating system due to poor maintenance is a costly task.

When your equipment is working at the highest level, you are saving energy. Poorly maintained heating systems could use more energy to run.

Lower efficiency will show in your utility or fuel cost on top of repairs. The saving in repairs and/or replacement will save you money in your in heating expense.

5. Allows for Adequate Airflow

A heating system tune-up will ensure you are getting good airflow through the unit. Proper venting is critical for competently distributing heat through your household. If you experience insignificant airflow, it will run harder to keep the desired temperature.

The increased stress on the unit will often cause a breakdown or greater energy usage. A scheduled system tune-up will save you from the cost of replacing components or a whole system failure.’

6. Preventive Time Saver

If you have your unit serviced before the cold arrives, you could be saving on inconvenience, time and money later. A system check can keep you from suffering through a cold morning as you wait for the repair tech to show.

The costs and amount of repair services are less with a yearly maintenance. You don’t need it to fail at the most inconvenient and coldest time.

7. Important Wire Check

The heater system inspection should involve a wire test. The inspection of wires is crucial for your safety. If a wire turns out to be broke or lose, this increases your odds of a fire hazard. The slightest amount of weathering can lead to significant damage to your heating system and household.

8. Blower Maintenance of the Furnace or Heater

The furnace unit checkup typically includes blower maintenance. Checking the seal will guarantee the entree door is correctly closing. That helps with keeping the heat flowing properly. If any debris has developed in the blower wheel, the system will require cleaning to guarantee efficiency.

The slightest amount of debris will cause the blower to malfunction or breakdown requiring higher unit maintenance expenses.


A furnace unit service check-up may appear like a needless expense. However, yearly maintenance will help keep your heating system operating efficiently saving you the costly repairs and possibly a system failure.

The efficiency of the system can save you in many ways. Lower utility bills and increased healthy living environment are worth the cost of annual maintenance.

Our service is as reliable now as we have been over the years in providing our customers with the professional heating service for all of your need.  With winter being right around the corner, it is important that you have your system serviced now.

As mentioned in the above post, waiting can be costly and inconvenient. Our technicians are as devoted to your safety and comfort as they are their own homes. With our 24-hour emergency promise, we want to make sure you and your family live in comfort.

Give us a call today for your furnace maintenance so you and your family can rest assured you will spend your cold month in a warm home environment. Our furnace tune-up cost is very reasonable. We handle electric, gas, and oil furnace maintenance.

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