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What Do Furnace Energy Efficiency Ratings Mean?

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Furnace efficiency ratings are a great metric to use during the shopping process. It is a great tool to use when comparing the various options and models available. With the right information, a wise purchase can be made that will save you money in the long run and be better for the environment.

A higher rating means that the furnace will use less energy and operate more efficiently.

The exact name of this measurement is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is commonly referred to as AFUE. It is important to note that when the company has their devices tested the rating is only specific to the actual furnace itself. If an AFUE is listed as 90, then this means that only 10% of the actual energy to the appliance will be lost in the long run. That is fairly direct when it comes to comparison. Each model will have its number listed, and buyers will want to get the highest possible value.

If an AFUE is listed as 90, then this means that only 10% of the actual energy to the appliance will be lost in the long run. That is fairly direct when it comes to comparison. Each model will have its number listed, and buyers will want to get the highest possible value.

Overall Efficiency Of The System

There are a few notes that should be made about this rating which will help to keep everything in clear view. For one, a furnace rating is an information about just the appliance itself. It does not account for the total overall efficiency of a house or building. There are many other areas which can leak heat throughout the overall system. One of the biggest issues we see is faulty or dirty duct work. Our Sparks and Reno Air Duct Cleaners are available.


Attic ducts, in particular, can allow the escape of up to 35 percent of total energy.

Options To Consider Before Making a Purchase

There are some different options which go along with the heating efficiency rating and should be viewed as upgrades when possible. For example, with gas furnaces, there are the standard models. But then, many companies also have a high version which is made to help with savings on energy bills. Standard versions have around an 80% AFUE.

The high-efficiency models convert up to 90-97% which can make a huge difference in the long run. The initial price may be a bit higher, but it can often be made up through tax rebates and other forms of compensation. Financing is also available.

Consumers can do their own calculations or use available online tools. This will determine how much will be saved regarding real dollars and cents. So an 80 versus a 90 furnace might be the right decision point since that means a 10 percent overall difference in the loss of energy that the homeowner pays for.

One can use the total energy used each month as a starting point. This will help to calculate the savings that would be had from the 90 furnaces by comparison. Similar calculations can be made for other variants as needed.

Electric Versus Gas

Electric and gas furnaces are also labeled with such efficiency ratings to provide consumers with a starting point for comparison. A lot can depend on the type of dwelling that they will be used in and also on what type of energy is available to the resident or owner. The overall efficiency can be much different as detailed above. So, it can be a wise decision to go with the gas option when available. That system dependency can mean that a 75 gas furnace can still be the more sensible choice than even an electric version rated at 100.

Gas is cheaper in most areas around the country, including the Reno / Sparks area, than electricity. Gas furnaces last longer than electric heat pumps as well, and that is further reason that an upfront investment (with complementary tax credits and rebates as well) can pay off for the lifetime of the homeowners.

EnergyStar Is Good For the Wallet and the Environment

EnergyStar classification is another great way to guarantee that what is being installed is going to be good for the wallet. Also, these models which carry the blue EnergyStar sticker are better for the environment. Deciding on an appliance that is not only dependable and money-saving is great. However, being able to have a positive impact on the environment is considerate for everyone. Society’s footprint on the ecosystem is continuing to grow every year, and so every little way that a person can give back helps.

It is Important To Work Professional HVAC Experts

Maybe your furnace is starting to blow cold air or heating your home unevenly?

It is best to work with HVAC specialists to select the best efficient new furnace for your home. We will be able to make a total and accurate review of the situation. Using this analysis and our in-depth know-how, we will be able to make proper recommendations.

Call Us Today To Get Started With An Energy Efficient Furnace

There is no better time than now to give All Hours Air a call to set up an appointment for a highly-trained and certified technician to meet with you. A home heating system checkup can be done to determine the unique heating needs of your home.

By working alongside All Hours Air homeowners can be assured that they are making the right choice with energy efficiency of their home.

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