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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Valued Customer,

In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to you about what we are doing here at All Hours Air to support you and your home. As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your home is safe and provide maximum flexibility. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We assure you that we will wear masks in your home, as well as offer a contactless payment option. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures developed in consultation with global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC): We have also Created a best practices policy for our employees to follow.
Best practices…

1. Wash hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes.

2. Let management know if you are getting sick(we do not send sick employees to our customers)

3. Let management know if the customer is sick. Wash hands after leaving home and sanitizer your hands and cloths.

4. AHA is giving $25 to every employee and ask them to consider purchasing Vitamin C to boost immune system.

5. Get plenty of rest.

At All Hours Air, we believe it is in challenging times like these that the power of Service is needed most of all. Whether you are needing our service now or in the future, our team members are ready to help you with the highest level of Service you’ve come to expect from us.

– Jason Cummins & Heather Cummins (Proud Owners)

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