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How To Change a Furnace Filter

When the weather turns colder in Reno, the first thing you’ll want to do is reach for the thermostat to crank up your furnace and warm your home. If you have a dirty furnace filter, though, you may be putting more stress and strain on your furnace than is necessary. This can lead to higher utility bills and early furnace replacement. Fortunately, if you change furnace filter on a regular basis, you can help take care of your furnace, ensuring it can provide many years of trouble-free service. Here are the steps you should follow when you replace your furnace filter.

1. Locate the Filter

The first step to change a furnace filter is to locate it. Depending on the type of furnace you have, your filter may be located to the side, underneath or on top of the main furnace unit. In any event, the filter will be located between the air intake and the furnace itself. This prevents dust from getting into the furnace and causing problems with the internal components.

2. Open the Filter Cover

Most furnace filters have some sort of rigid cover that snaps or screws in place. This cover prevents the filter from falling out of its enclosure and ensures that small children or pets can’t access the furnace. Carefully remove this cover to access the filter.

3. Remove and Replace

After opening the furnace filter cover, carefully pull out the dirty filter. Then, install a new filter in the enclosure. Ensure that the new filter is the correct size for your furnace. The best way to check is to look at the dimensions listed on your current filter. Additionally, it’s important that you install the filter in the correct direction. All filters have an arrow pointing in the direction of the airflow. This shows you how the filter should be installed.

Help for Your Furnace Issues

If you’re experiencing furnace issues, consult with the experts at All Hours Air to determine just what those problems are. With a highly trained staff of professionals and 24-hour emergency repair service, we can correct the situation and put your mind at ease. We offer heating, cooling, indoor air quality and plumbing services throughout Sparks, NV, and surrounding areas. You can rely on us for installation, repair or maintenance, so contact All Hours Air today.

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