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3 Benefits of Oil Furnaces in Your Home

Oil, gas, or electric: Which type of furnace should you get? Each type of furnace is a great option in the modern world. The choice you make partially depends on which type of heating system is compatible with your property. The rest of the decision comes down to your preferences and budget. Here are three benefits of oil furnaces to consider.

1. Produce a Lot of Heat

Oil furnaces generate more heat than gas furnaces. If you get cold easily, you will like having an oil furnace because of its effectiveness and efficiency in heating your home. Modern oil furnaces have efficiency ratings of up to 99%.

All Hours Air has high-quality oil furnaces available for new installations in Sparks, NV. You can receive financing on approved credit to break up the expense into smaller payments.

2. Safe

Oil furnaces rarely have problems with leaks, and any leaks that do happen are not as dangerous as those from gas or propane heaters. Carbon monoxide exposure, a possibility with all combustion heating systems, is not as likely with an oil furnace. Gas can explode when it becomes too hot, but oil does not.

Although oil furnaces are safe, an oil leak is still dangerous and should be immediately cleaned up. You should also contact a furnace repair company to fix the leak. Remember that oil is flammable.

3. Long Lifespan

A heating system’s lifespan partially depends on its type. Oil furnaces last around 25 years. In comparison, heat pumps last 10 years, and boilers need to be replaced after 15 years. Another critical factor in a heating system’s lifespan is annual maintenance. You will get the full 25 years out of an oil furnace if you stay on top of annual maintenance.

A maintenance company can inspect and clean your furnace. If minor problems are found, your heating maintenance company will fix them. Maintenance is one of the services we offer at All Hours Air. You can trust us with maintenance because we are a BBB-accredited business and have won several awards, including the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

At All Hours Air, we also offer 24/7 emergency repair in Sparks and the surrounding areas. Other services we provide include heating installation, AC repair, AC maintenance, AC installation, indoor air quality, and plumbing. We have water filtration systems and hot water heaters available for installation as well. Contact us today to learn more about any of our services.

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