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Home Energy Audit

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Home energy audits help you, the homeowner, determine where in your house you are losing money and energy- and, how All Hours Air can diagnose and correct the issues at hand to provide you with a home that is more energy efficient.     

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Most people refer to an audit as an energy assessment that offers the homeowner a birds-eye view of their home’s use of energy. Our certified technicians will help you determine how much and where your home is losing energy, and what problems you should concentrate on first to make your home more comfortable and efficient.  

Performing a home energy audit is typically performed before adding any new equipment in your home as well as making any energy-related home improvements. We take these assessments seriously as if it were our home we are evaluating.  We want our customers to be just as comfortable in their home as our families are in our homes.

Did you know half of the energy your home consumes in one year is due to your cooling and heating? Chances are if you own an older home that has yet to undergo improvements making it more energy efficient or if the inefficient equipment is still in use, you can bet you are wasting a lot of money and energy.   

Where do you start when you need to make your home more energy efficient? All Hours Air has the answers you need. First,  an audit is done to determine where you should begin and what improvements you are financially able to make.     

Our team will perform an energy audit to measure your home’s energy use while analyzing the weaknesses found and make our recommendations as to what will make your home more energy efficient.

What exactly is an energy audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment made by a team of professionals that make a room-by-room diagnosis to determine how efficient your home is operating.  We look for things such as drafts leaking in around doors and windows, or discovering why one room seems hotter or colder than others.     

When you hire us to handle your professional home energy audit, then it becomes even more scientific. First, we interview you, the homeowner, to find out areas you have noticed cold wind or drafts in and around areas.  

By use of diagnostics that look more like a scientific movie, our certified professional technicians at All Hours Air will determine the areas where your home is weak in energy efficiency. Common problems found are:

  • Leaks and openings around doors
  • Leaks and openings around windows
  • Damaged or missing insulation
  • Out-dated equipment
  • Equipment not large enough for the home
  • Outdated windows and seals
  • Outdated doors and frames

The Test Used For Energy Assessments:

Blower door: A blower door test is when a technician will use a seal over a doorway and a fan to determine any leaks.

Thermographic scan: This test brings to life infrared energy which reveals if an area is under or over insulated.

Both tests help our team to discover where your home is absorbing most of its energy and what changes will improve the efficiency of your homes heating and cooling system.  

Hiring The Right Profession To Perform Your Home Energy Audit

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It is vital that you choose a high rated energy assessment or audit company when the time comes for your assessment. Many energy or utility providers offer a consumer discount when a homeowner make the necessary improvements to reduce the waste of energy.

Investing money into repairs to make your home more energy efficient is a wise choice and will save you money in the long run if you choose the right contractor to perform the audit. You will want someone who has your best interest at heart.

All Hours Air is the company you can trust to make an honest, detailed audit and discuss with you the suggested improvements. As with all home improvements, you should seek a qualified, experienced company that will work closely with you to ensure all solutions are carried out in a professional and affordable manner that fits your budget.    

Call All Hours Air today to schedule a time for our team to visit your home and with you, decide what the next steps should be in making your home more energy efficient. We are all you need in an HVAC contractor in the Sparks and Reno area.  

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