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14 Spring Home Maintenance Tips For Sparks & Reno Residents

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When its time to clean all the grime from what ole man Winter delivered to your home you may need a checklist. Being the weather is unpredictable you should make it a must-do take to get your HVAC system and other areas ready for brighter, (and warmer) days ahead.

It usually goes without saying that when spring arrives, it is the time to do some heavy-duty cleaning. However, do you add cleaning tips for your HVAC system and other small areas such as your bathroom in your home up-to-date? We created an Air Conditioning spring ac checklist.         

The following are 14 Spring HVAC maintenance tips for you to do around your home that will get your home and your HVAC equipment ready for the spring and summer months. Do not wait until you need an AC Repair.

  1. Clean windows: Cleaning your windows both indoor and out allows the much-appreciated sunshine in your home.  After the cold winter, your windows tend to be a storage unit for grit and grime preventing warmer air into your home.

A woman wearing red blouse cleaning the window

Removing winter from your windows helps with letting warm air in on the cooler days. Plus, nobody wants a layer of grime and dirt actings as his or her drapes.    

  1. Dust and mop: Dusting and mopping is a chore that seems to get avoided. It is especially important to do both during the spring months especially if you let air in from time to time through the windows.

a woman who clean the dust on the floor using mop

Dirt, allergens, and dust often accumulate on the surface when the doors and windows are left open even if its just a cracked window. You do not want or need these to collect on your indoor surfaces unfiltered and ready to disburse throughout your home when disturbed.

  1. Get your system cleaned by a professional: After running in heat mode for the winter season, you will want your cooling system to come out fighting. That is why you need your units both indoor and out, serviced by a professional to maximize performance and airflow.
  2. Change the furnace filter: When you have a dirty filter you have an ineffective filter. We recommend that you change your filter at least once at the end of fall, and again before spring. Remember to turn your system off briefly before changing your filters or give All Hours Hour a call and let our technicians help you if it is in a hard-to-reach area.    

     5. Clear clutter around your homeHaving clutter and junk lying around leaves the door open for the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other unwelcome substances. After garbage lies around, and then you move it, that can stir up allergies and lower the air quality.   

a woman wearing a yellow gloves clearing clutter around her home

  1. Keep your dehumidifier working correctly: It is no good to have your dehumidifier if you do not keep it in good working order. To do this, remove the housing and allow the unit to dry completely. You should vacuum each accessible surface and crevice.
  2. Keep your bathroom fans clean: To do this take the cover off and wash it with water and soap. The best way to clean the fan blades off is with a toothbrush. Make certain that the power is off before you do this.   
  3. Duct cleaning: Many gross things has to access to your ductwork that will call it home. Yucky stuff such as mold and rodents will move in without you being aware. Instead of you trying to get your duct shiny and clean, let our team of professionals get all the yuck out adequately to in clean and excellent working order.  

For additional information on our ductwork cleaning service in Sparks and Reno.

  1. Remove weeds and plants: The same thing goes with plants and grass that grow around your outdoor unit. These can smother your coils preventing maximal airflow. It is best that you keep all greenery at least two foot away from your unit.  
  2. Check those annoying flappers on your toilet: There are some spring cleaning habits that people typically think nothing of until something goes wrong. Constant running toilet water is one of those.

Scheduling spring examinations are the perfect time to make toilet and sink inspections along with necessary repairs and replacements. You should check these areas to see if they are showing signs of wear and tear that will lead to water waste from leaks.     

  1. Examine faucet handles: Remove all the faucets handles throughout your home to ensure the insides are clean. If you already find some rust buildup, using a rust remover is an excellent tool to get the screws back to a clean, good working order.  
  2. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors: These are other critical items that many homeowners forget. For you and your families sake, the best time to remember to change the batteries is to do so with each daylight savings time.

While you have the alarms down for battery changes, take this time to vacuum or dust the detectors to ensure peak performance.  Click here for more information on the top detector reviews for 2018.  

  1. Check your fire extinguisher: Here is another item that homeowners fail to remember to check. For your extinguisher to work properly, it needs to be fully charged and in an easily accessible storage area.  The last thing you want is to have a fire break out in your home and find your extinguisher is outdated and not fully charged.

A woman using fire extinguisher trying to kill the fire

  1. Check your doors and windows for sealing: Inspect all your window seals to ensure there is no caulk damage where air can leak through. Check your doors and windows once a year to ensure there are not any drafts. Drafts such as this can cause the cost of your heating and cooling to skyrocket.  

Wrapping it Up

We hope these 14 tips for keeping your home and HVAC up-to-date will help you keep your utility bills down. Not only will these tips help your energy cost but they will also help keep your home in top shape. Leaky window and doors seals are the leading areas where you lose heat and cold air.

Keeping all your windows and doors sealed will save you money in the long run. Keeping your alarms and indoor plumbing in good working order can also save you money by preventing damage in the future.

Our technicians at All Hours Air are all trained to do maintenance and repairs to all your HVAC equipment. We know what to look for that the untrained eye would not see that could lead to costly repairs in the future.

While we know you can keep the inside up-to-date with the tips listed above, you can rest assured we can keep everything related to your HVAC always in excellent working order. Give us a call and let us help you keep your home in excellent working order. Make sure you to check out our new location in Reno, serving all your HVAC needs.


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