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Reno Family Activities, Attractions, and a Few Fun Facts

Reno Family Activities and Attractions And a Few Fun Facts

The near-perfect weather, it is outdoor and indoor activities in Reno, and its natural beauty is what attracts visitors and locals to the beautiful wonderland Reno, NV. 

Reno is seeing the growth that is causing numerous families to make Reno their forever homes in and around the area.

Slated to become the next amazing Silicon Valley, the area that is nestling against the stunning setting of Mt. Rose is the view that draws many to the area.

Labeled the “Biggest Little City,” Reno offers nature, events and the outstanding Lake Tahoe is a mere short drive away. 

There is more to this city than many are aware of even if they are locals. 

So, what all does this bright city have to offer?

Family Activities in Reno For Locals and Tourists Alike   

1.  The Raptor Adventure Experience:

There is nothing that can compare to being up close and personal with nature and all its splendor. You can take advantage of wearing the falconer’s glove and experiencing that ancient sport of falconry. 

You can personally experience seeing Hawks, Owls, and Falcon. Once you wear the falconer’s glove, you get to experience what it feels like to feel her wind and weight as she lands. You can stare into the eyes of this fierce and deadly raptor and see first hand her stunning beauty. 

2. The Riverwalk:

If you are looking for a place to do some shopping and have a nice meal, The Riverwalk is the place for you. The Riverwalk is the center of everything. Since the beginning, Reno was right next to the very first bridge that crossed the Truckee Reiner in the later part of the 1800s.     

By the center in the 1900s, Reno made itself a name for its nightlife and gambling. There, the Truckee Reiner river ran through and stood in the background of the glamour and glitz of the downtown.

In the early 1990s, the Raymond Smith Truckee River Walk made its way to the front and center of the nightlife. This river brought plenty of merchants who would sell their goods to those visiting the busy nightlife.

Today, these merchants invite you to enjoy its splendor and fun for everyone and enjoy the majestic river that made it all possible.

3. Fleischmann Planetarium:

What can be more fun than spending the day learning all about our planet and it is existence? fleischmann planetarium welcomes over 50,000 annually including hundreds of field trips from students all over.


The Planetarium or fleischmann planetarium reno, nv was built in 1963 and is the first planetarium to offer its visitors to watch movies in a full-dome theater. To this day you can still watch phenomenal films as well as see hundreds of other exciting things about the beautiful place we call the earth.   

Discuss little-known facts and history about Reno

1. Beginning in the late 1960’s lived a chimpanzee named Washoe. The primate became the first to prove that non-humans could learn to communicate using sign language. Washoe learned 350 sign languages and spent the early part of her life living in the backyard of a house in Reno.

Washoe was only five years old when scientist adopter her and taught her the sign language that science and primates are using still today.

To learn more about Washoe and the incredible legacy she left behind click here.

2. If you are like most people, you are curious as to how a town received its name. The city of Reno came from a man who has never stepped foot in Reno. Jessee Lee Reno was shot while in battle, and it was customary back in those days to name train stops after heroic fallen soldiers. Moreover, this is how the little town of Reno got its name. 

3. Just to give you a heads up it is illegal to say bad words in front of a dead body in Reno. 

4. While getting fabric from a large wholesaler a man by the name of Jacob Davis invented the idea to use copper rivets onto pants. The material came from Levi Strauss & Co which providing Mr. Davis with the name of his creation known as Levi Jeans. Mr. Jacom lived in Reno, and he made his fortune right here in the Biggest Little City.   

5.  While it is no secret that Vegas holds the nickname as the marriage capital of the world, Reno held the name of the divorce capital of the world. It received this title due to over 30,000 couples between 1929-1939 went to Reno to untie the knot thanks to very lax laws covering a divorce.    

6. Random other facts:

  • With more than 16,000 slot machines, Reno has one machine for every 14 residents
  • Until Vegas gained popularity, Reno held the title as the gambling capital of America.
  • Reno has held the title of the loosest slot machines in America by the “Casino Player” magazine for a six-year spree.

It is always fun to learn a few things about the area you grew up in or if you are a fan of history. There is usually a good story to hear on how town and city names came to be in and around the world. Now, let’s check out what else there is to do in Reno, Nevada.

Recap Reno Area Family Activities

If you live in Reno, we hope you enjoyed all these tidbits about your city. From all the neat facts about the area as well as what we have to offer to other residents for entertainment.

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