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Have your Reno Home’s Ductwork Inspected Before this Happens

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There are many reasons other than general maintenance to have your ductwork inspected by a professional. Some of these reasons homeowners have no clue could even take place in the passageway for the air they breathe.

When you think about the air that travels inside your home first has to travel through the ductwork, perhaps you would have routine checks made more often. Allergies, animals, and mayhem are known culprits for destruction that aid to those nasty sinus problems that are never-ending.

It’s easy to see why you sneeze so much just by looking at the dust that gathers on your furniture. But, did you ever consider what all is in that dust that comes through your ducts? Let’s just say that air is not the only thing that makes its way to and fro your air ducts.

All This Dust Bugs me

A man holding a book filled of dust

It’s no secret that sinus problems plague millions of people, some suffer year round. The coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses are enough to keep a person inside year round. But, there are also the indoors culprits such as pets, dander, and pollen from plants that have the same ability to keep your head clogged in misery.

Where is all the dust and dander coming from and how can you get rid of it? These are million dollar questions that have homeowners scratching their heads trying to solve the problem. Let’s just say the air that flows through your duct work is not always your friend.

When homeowners break down and have their ductwork checked, it is usually after a discovery that something abnormal has happened or maybe even sounds can be heard from where the duct work runs. Even then the “do-it-themselves” homeowners take on the task of attempting the repairs.

Once they see inside the duct work, people are usually shocked to see the massive buildup of debris and dust is lingering in the ducts. What they aren’t aware of is that much of the pesky dust is composed of rodent and insect droppings, rodent hair and the skeletal remains of both mice and cockroaches.

See, you weren’t even expecting that, were you? It is true that these pest-related droppings and contaminates can stir up sinus problems, allergies, and asthma in people with sensitive sinus cavities.

Most people relate indoor triggers that set off their allergies to plants, dander and pet hair. They aren’t aware that dust combined with rodent and cockroach residue can trigger asthma and allergy attacks that often last for hours.

The following are symptoms of cockroach triggered allergies:

Animated drawing of a happy cockroach that can cause allergies

    • Repeated ear infections
    • Skin Rashes
    • Repeated sinus infections
    • Chronic head stuffiness
    • Increased asthma attacks
    • Reoccurring bloody noses

Many individuals with lung disease, breathing problems, and allergies are super susceptible to the disease-causing agents in the air flowing indoors. Central air units are breeding grounds for contamination and distribute such contaminations throughout your home.

Pests can damage your ducts

a mouse at the top of the wood one of the pest that can damage your ducts

The region where you live contributes to which past are more likely to invade your air ducts. In cold environments, rodents will seek places to nest where they can stay warm. The ability to keep their babies warm is why often when you find a rodent nest you will find shreds of insulation used to build the nest. It is recommended to call for a professional for duct inspection services.

Cockroaches aren’t as precise as to why they harbor in the air ducts.  Even the cleanest of homes can suddenly be run over by cockroaches, however, for breeding purposes, these little pests seek dark, hidden away areas to form their family.

Rodents and insects quickly make their place in confined spaces as they deposit feces and bodily waste, including decayed body part remnants. Faulty seals where two sections of duct meet, air returns and unsealed returns make for easy access to anything looking for a new home.

Even once the problem is controlled there still exist the problem of the urine, hair, and feces left behind wreaking havoc in your inside air.  Once you contain the active infestation, we will come out and inspect and clean your duct work while making the necessary repairs to help prevent future outbreaks.

Other Reasons to Have your Reno Homes Ducts Cleaned

the results of before and after the duct clean

The simple answer is, yes. There are several reasons you as a homeowner should consider having a professional inspect and provide air duct cleaning.

A few are as follows:

    • Restriction of air flow: Dust and dirt build-up clogs your Cooling and heating system restricting the airflow preventing the proper heating and cooling. In both cold and hot weather, adding this strain to the air production can cause a rise in your energy bill by extending the units run time.
    • Damage to your system:  The longer your unit has to operate under severe conditions the more damage this will cause over extended periods of time. You can expect harsh wear and tear as well as a shorter lifespan to pumps, compressors, motor bearings, and burners.
    • Difficulty in keeping your house clean:  Let’s face it, who wants added strain to housework?  With clogged air ducts, you may notice more dust in every room of the house, including yours and your children’s bedrooms.

 Benefits of having the air ducts cleaned

    • Increase longevity of your equipment
    • Better reliable performance
    • Few expensive repairs and replacements of parts
    • Likelihood of fewer allergen issues
    • Less dust making cleaning easier

 Hire a professional Duct cleaning and inspection company.

Ultimately, having your ductwork inspected and cleaned by a Reno HVAC Company is a needed maintenance for more reasons than one. To ensure a proper cleaning, making this a “DIY” Saturday morning project is not a wise idea; neither is hiring the guy down the street that owns a van and a suction hose.

Inspecting and cleaning your air duct system is not a job you want to let just anyone do. You want a professional that can assess the situation and together help you make the right decision necessary for your home.

Having a professional do your cleaning is the only way to ensure a precise cleaning using the commercial equipment needed to get the job done.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to have the professional do it right the first time.

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