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When you need five-star HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) service anywhere in beautiful Reno, Nevada, there’s no reason to worry. All Hours Air is available to tackle any and all of your HVAC needs. We are a full-service business that specializes in all air conditioning and heating services. Our technicians are indoor air experts who can help you with everything from duct cleaning to

Our technicians are indoor air experts who can help you with everything from duct cleaning to oil heating and beyond. If you need professional assistance locals can trust, we are your answer.

High-Quality Air Conditioning Repair Service in Reno

Our technicians are cooling aficionados who can provide you with in-depth air conditioning services of all types. It doesn’t matter if you need air conditioner installation, repair, maintenance or anything else. Our team members can come to your rescue. Common signs of a faulty air conditioner that requires prompt, professional service are:


Common signs of a failing air conditioner that requires prompt, professional service are:

  • Airflow that’s inadequate.
  • Lack or absence of cold air
  • Excessive moisture build up in your system
  • Odd smells or noises
  • Thermostat issues
  • Electricity bills that are abnormally high

Outstanding Heater Repair Service

A heater that’s not working can make your daily life a cold and miserable nightmare. The bright side, however, is that All Hours Air can handle all of your heater service requests. It’s critical to be attentive to any signs that indicate a problem with your heating system.

Typical symptoms of a faulty heater are:

    • Monthly bills that are abnormally high.
    • Bizarre smells and noises.
    • Heating that’s inconsistent, unpredictable and uneven throughout your home.
    • Burner flames that are yellow.
    • Thermostats that call for frequent adjustments.
    • Lack of heat.
    • Cycles that are unusually brief.

Heater Replacement and Installation Service

It’s also important to consider the need for full heater replacement. Heaters that are a minimum of 15 years in age frequently benefit from complete replacement. Call All Hours Air as soon as possible to learn more about our A+ heater replacement service.

HVAC Tune-Up Service

Regular HVAC system maintenance can keep your air conditioner and heater in fantastic shape all year long regardless of the temperatures outside. If you’re interested in top-quality HVAC service that will keep you comfortable and happy 365 days of the year, All Hours Air’s technicians can help you.

The benefits of routine HVAC tune-up service include:

    • Better and healthier indoor air quality.
    • Reducing the need for expensive repair work
    • Equipment that stays reliable and functional for a lot longer
    • Energy conservation.
    • Decreased monthly energy bills.

Reliable Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation Service

Air conditioning systems are no different than other appliances in your home. They get older,  and eventually require full replacement. Air conditioning systems tend to stay functional for anywhere between 12 and 20 years or so. If you want to optimize air conditioner efficiency, you should seriously consider replacing any unit that’s at least 15 years old.

Convenient 24-hour Emergency HVAC Service

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All Hours Air is a reputable local company that’s available to help customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re a 24-hour business that can help you take care of all kinds of air conditioning emergencies. Our licensed, certified and experienced technicians specialize in all different types of pressing HVAC matters. We make dealing with heater and AC failure smooth sailing in Reno.

Air Duct Cleaning Service in Reno

Air ducts should always be a focal point in your home. That’s because they’re a big part of your residence’s air quality. Neglected air ducts are often chock-full of unpleasant mold, fungi, and bacteria. These are common signs of air ducts that are screaming out for prompt and comprehensive cleaning service:

    • Noticeable development of mold
    • The presence of carbon monoxide
    • Immoderate amounts of debris, grime, and dirt
    • Pest invasions
    • Excessive moisture
    • Strange spikes in utility bill costs

Air Duct Installation and Replacement Service

We manage all different types of air duct service requests. Our hard-working technicians can install brand new air ducts for you. Older air ducts often aren’t the most energy efficient. They can also make your energy bills outrageously high.

Thermostat Replacement Service in Reno

Thermostats are critical for maximum residential comfort and ease. A reliable thermostat can help reduce your monthly bills. It can help you maintain pleasant and comfortable indoor temperatures, too. If you’re looking for a dependable thermostat, you should think about all of the programmable choices that are available to you. Programmable thermostats can come in handy for people who wish to decrease their energy bills.

Unmatched HVAC Service Prices

Our HVAC service rates have no competition, you can depend 100 percent on All Hours Air. If you’re looking for HVAC prices that will never let you down, you can rely on our knowledgeable and hard-working crew. We go above and beyond to give our customers access to the most reasonable and competitive HVAC service rates in the city. Call us as soon as possible at 775-815-9329 for more information.

Professional on-time customer service you can depend on

Customer service is something that is a top priority to the crew here at All Hours Air Reno. Our technicians are some of the most committed and skilled HVAC professionals you could ever hope to meet. They always show up to service appointments on time.

If you’re looking for professional, prompt,  and trustworthy HVAC technicians, we have the perfect team for you. Our work is never complete until our customers are 100 percent happy. We want to do anything and everything we can to accommodate all of your HVAC for years to come.

Reach Out to All Hours Air As Soon As Possible

All Hours Air is a trusted local business that specializes in all things that relate to HVAC systems. Call our 24-hour company as soon as possible to set up an appointment for our first-class service.

We provide fast and friendly 24-hour emergency service 7-days a week.  Our calls are not answered by an answering service.

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